People Smart by Doug Mathewson

Art Credit - PP&P

Art Credit – PP&P

Doug Mathewson writes some decent short fiction and some pretty average poetry from his home on Connecticut ’s eastern shore. He has been published by exceptionally kind people both here and abroad. Readers are welcome to rummage about in his online file cabinet at  Doug is a member of Full of Crow Press and Distribution

His current secret project is called the Mambo Academy of Kitty Wang. Further information not available at this time, as it is a secret. He is the Senior Editor of Blink-Ink, the hottest in ripping edge ragged contemporary 50-word fiction. Also, he is Planet Betty section editor for DK&BP at Pandemonium Press of Berkeley California.




3 thoughts on “People Smart by Doug Mathewson

  1. I was in the Jamaican Spaced-out Army for while, but we could never get the beggars to fight. But if Kitty waits long enough, the trends will come back again.

    Her scheme struck a nerve. My dad was a publican. In the trade paper once there was as report of a pub that bucked the trend. It had a miserable hour, where the prices of the drinks went up and the bar staff were rude to everyone. Bizarrely, it proved popular. People would bring their friends just to witness how bad the service was.


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