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Backing Up by Kirk Nesset

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Art Credit - PP&P
Art Credit – PP&P

Kirk Nesset is best known for Ryan, his charismatic and well-traveled mini-Pomeranian, presently vying with Boo as “world’s cutest dog.”

Nesset is also author of two books of fiction, Paradise Road and Mr. Agreeable, a book of translations, Alphabet of the World, and a nonfiction study, The Stories of Raymond Carver.  His volume of poems, Saint X, appeared in 2012.  He is recipient of the Drue Heinz Prize in Literature, a Pushcart Prize, and grants from the Pennsylvania Council on the Arts.  His stories, poems, translations and essays have appeared in The Paris Review, Southern Review, Kenyon Review, Gettysburg Review, American Poetry Review, Iowa Review, Ploughshares, Agni, Prairie Schooner and elsewhere, including three of Norton’s anthologies: Flash Fiction Forward, New Sudden Fiction and Sudden Fiction Latino.

He teaches creative writing at Allegheny College, and is writer in residence at Black Forest Writing Seminars (Freiburg, Germany).  For more info on Ryan and Kirk, visit

Author Kirk Nesset
Author Kirk Nesset
Ryan, a celebrity in his own right
Ryan, a celebrity in his own right

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4 thoughts on “Backing Up by Kirk Nesset Leave a comment

  1. This piece is deep and dark like a lake that awaits undragged for it’s mysteries to be exposed.

    i like it.



    Ryan is great!



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