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And the CA$H goes to…

coins for contest

First and foremost, we extend our gratitude to all the great and hopeful authors who entered the drawkcaB Fiction Contest. Without them there would have been no contest. We thank and encourage them to keep writing and submitting. There were so many great stories the task of judging was difficult and we felt badly each time we cut another story from the short list. We had stated that we would send comments out to fifty entrants selected at random and that process has begun. Each weekend for the next ten weeks we will comment on five stories and email the story and comments back to the author. Thanks again. Dave, Christy, and Stefanie.

This morning we sat down and played Rock-Paper-Scissors to determine a winner for the Amazon Gift Card valued at $26.22 in genuine U.S. dollars. (It was our 2cd fiction contest and the deadline was 6/22…hence $26.22. Clever, no?) We expected an elimination round but to our surprise it only took a single turn.

It happened like this only a lot faster:

Dave was playing for John Ritchie and his winning story, “I Take It Back” (pub. 7/16/13)
Julie was playing for Lynn Kennison and her winning story, “Snapdragons” (pub. 7/19/13)
Christy was playing for Kerry Rawlinson and her winning story, “Through the Bridge Backwards” (pub. 7/22/13)

We counted and flailed our hands One-Two-Three. The smoke cleared. (There wasn’t any actual smoke and no magicians were injured in the making of this cash award.) Julie/Lynn and Christy/Kerry both showed Paper. Dave/John showed Scissors. That translates into $26.22 for John Ritchie. His gift card will be in British Pounds Sterling and of the Amazon.UK variety since he lives across the pond. Our sincere congratulations to our three winners.

We also thank and congratulate the two honorable mention award recipients – Irena Pasvinter “Backward Tom” (pub. 7/25/13) and Kirk Nesset “Backing Up” (pub. 7/28/13)

We will also be publishing one of our short-listed stories. Xanthe Elliot’s “Make A Wish” (pub. 8/12/13)

Once again, thanks to all who entered. The overall quality of the stories was wonderful and there were many more that we could easily have published. We simply had to stop somewhere. After all, it WAS a contest. 😉 (eds.)

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6 thoughts on “And the CA$H goes to… Leave a comment

  1. That is amazing and so unexpected. I was thrilled to be short-listed, ecstatic to bo one of the winners, and now I have run out of superlatives – suggestions gratefully received. Thank you, judges and especially Dave.


    John Ritchie


  2. Dang!
    congrats, Dave/John.
    (Christie, we’ll have to go for in-depth Paper/Rock/Scissors coaching…)
    There are no losers. Thanks for the opportunity.


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