Frying Tonight! by John Ritchie/Stacey Law

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Art Credit – Stacey Law

John is principally a Flash Fiction writer, having been writing in this form for over six years. During this time he has written some 500 pieces, most of which are currently in his WriteWords archive though a few are scattered around amongst the Doorknobs and BodyPaint Anthology, the Heavy Glow Anthology, an Every Day Fiction Anthology, MicroHorror, Bewildering Stories, Duck and Herring, Twisted Tales, Mytholog, and Five Minute Fiction.

John likes Flash Fiction for the intellectual challenges it offers. Flash Fiction has to be written within a thousand words or less and yet must be a complete story, with a beginning, a middle and an end. The great proponents of the art make it seem easy, but in reality it is a demanding discipline. You can decide for yourself how good John is when you read his stories here in PP&P.

John has occasionally been asked about themes and threads in his writing, but if there are any he hasn’t a clue what they might be. His stories are mostly character driven, so his theme, as far as there can be said to be one, is people’s interactions. Communication, or more exactly the infinite number of ways people mis-communicate and the consequences of those mis-communications fascinate him. A mistake in inflection, or a word used out of context can have far-reaching consequences and in that there are a thousand stories.

Some of the many books John has not written.

Some of the many books John has not written.

The author's current residence. Bag End, Hobbiton

The author’s current residence. Bag End, Hobbiton









John doesn’t spend much time fine-tuning his work. What he writes down, apart from grammatical or punctuation errors which he, hopefully, finds and corrects, is what remains. In that sense he is more sculptor than painter, what he creates initially, stands. He feel this is not only more honest, it also removes the not insignificant risk of ruining, with endless fiddling, something that was right in the first place.

Some of John’s Published Work:
Bewildering Stories
Doorknobs and Body Paint


Stacey Law is a Syracuse native and loves writing and the adventure of painting. She crochets as a hobby. She has studied in three colleges with majors in Management and Accounting. She also has certificates in Banking and Bookkeeping.

A lifelong learner, Stacey also studies poetry and has plans for more art classes. Among her awards she has an Editor’s Choice Award, Poet of the Year, and Poetry Pins. Her first book, “Beauteous Be Poesy”, is published by Trafford Publishing and is available on-line. She is currently writing material for her second book, an anthology.

Artist/Author - Stacey Law

Artist/Author – Stacey Law

Stacey 2

Stacey taught herself to crochet and views it as beautiful art. She feels adventurous creating her own patterns. She scrapbooks in her spare time. “I often photograph my work to make memory books of the creations – or to share with friends.”

Stacey’s book, “Beauteous Be Poesy”, may be found here.
Visit Stacey’s Blog and read her poetry here.

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