drawkcaB Fiction Contest Winners

drawkcaB Short List 2

First we were locked up with a bajillion entries that needed reading and culling. Days later we were able to come up with a short list of our top seven stories. It should be easy at that point, right? Wrong! Judging staff was sequestered back into the locked room to fight it out. (Actually there was no real fighting but shouting and cursing apps were fully enabled.) This morning white smoke rose from the sauna chimney and three winning stories were determined. Two honorable mention awards were also designated.

Our congratulations and sincere gratitude goes out to all who entered. In particular the seven authors who made our short list stood out. We would like to extend to them our heartfelt appreciation in alpha order by category.

Lynn Kennison
Kerry Rawlinson
John Ritchie

Honorable Mention:
Kirk Nesset
Irena Pasvinter

Short List Entrants:
Leanne Salyer
Meg Tuite

7 thoughts on “drawkcaB Fiction Contest Winners

    • The stories took diverse turns on the theme. It made them very hard to judge on an apples for apples basis. Subjectivity crept in or we would still be locked up working it all out. Thirteen stories made the first cut. That was whittled to seven with the final results settled on this morning. It’s great fun to match stories with authors after it’s all over. We learn the identities of those who have unknowingly joined us at the hip for ten days. (eds.)


  1. ‘Yes, Flash is real; it’s also more difficult than many people think it is.’

    Amen to that, but I think it is a great way to hone your writing craft.

    If you are hooked, lavendermoongirlblog, mosey over the http://www.writewords.org.uk and check out the Flash Fiction Group we do a lot of this stuff.




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