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Dinner at Fellini’s by W. Jack Savage

Dinner at Fellini's

W. Jack Savage is a retired broadcaster, educator, actor and artist who now writes and draws every day. Jack quit high school and spent two and half years in Vietnam before being honorably discharged at twenty. He recalls, “When I got out I had to get a fake ID like everybody else. The rules don’t change just because you’ve been to war.” Jack spent 35-years on the radio as a DJ, news director and talk-show host. He has appeared in over fifty theater productions and one very bad movie. He taught film studies at California State University, Los Angeles for six years and is the author of five books: two short story collections and three novels including his latest, The Children Shall Be Blameless.

“I’m proud of my life but I’ve been real lucky. My wife Kathy has allowed and encouraged me to be one thing: happy. It’s hard to take a bow when you’ve had that kind of support.” Jack and Kathy are father and mother to cat daughters Stella and Cinny.

Jack’s published work can be found at Amazon.
Readers can also find him by visiting here; Jack really likes that.


Author - Jack Savage
Author – Jack Savage
Jack serving in Viet Nam
Jack serving in Viet Nam



Jack tells the following story about his name: “I am Walter John Savage Jr. and was raised as Skip. On R&R with some guys I served with in Vietnam, we all called each other by our last names. One guy said, ‘Let’s go by our first names on this trip.’  I remembered Jack was interchangeable with John and it just sort of rolled off my tongue there and then. Twenty years later I went to Hollywood to be a star, but when I joined SAG, sure enough, another Jack Savage (probably tending bar in some joint in the valley) had already taken it. Well, Walter was my dad and so I became W. Jack Savage, and that carried on after I started writing.”

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  1. At last, a strong dominant father is faced up to. Powerful story in short form but tells us a lot about this family.


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