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In Bloom by David Holloway

Photo Credit - David Holloway
Photo Credit – David Holloway

David Holloway, a native of Boulder, Colorado, didn’t know much about photography when he bought his first (and only) mildly fancy digital camera. He still doesn’t, though he considers himself relatively capable and his ennui and moody disposition make him a natural artist. He fiddled with his camera until it made sense; he hopes to apply that logic to the mysteries of the universe soon.

David also publishes flash fiction (Link Below) and has been featured in Postcard Poems and Prose. He typically tries to photograph things unseen or things curious. If there is an abandoned and condemned building with an angry dog marching around outside, David will go in it (dogs love him except for that one that bit him on the face). He is fond of black and white portraits, negative space, and using bright colors and over-exposure to illuminate situations that reflect the darker side of life, such as in “Colors,” featured here. (He would like to think that he is proving a point.) He is not afraid to Photoshop the hell out of a photograph either. David feels photography lost its integrity with the advent of color but he typically tries to stay faithful to the moment in question.

In addition to playing photographer every now and again, David enjoys boxing, yoga, fiction writing, and collecting tattoos. His camera, a Pentax, collects dust for most of the year but David plans to change that this year. He is finishing a PhD at Washington University in Saint Louis, where he has also won a departmental photography contest three of the last four years.

“In Bloom,” his first published photograph, was taken in Tokyo in the summer of 2010.

David writes and posts original flash fiction here.

Author/Artist - David Holloway
Author/Artist – David Holloway
An artist in contemplation
An artist in contemplation
Safety by David Holloway
Safety by David Holloway
Dark Horse by Daivd Holloway
Dark Horse by David Holloway
Colors by David Holloway
Colors by David Holloway

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