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A Fan of Unconventional Thinking by Oonah V. Joslin

Oonah A_Fan_of_Unconventional_Thinking

“I had terrible trouble as a child because I was ambidextrous and I kept swapping hands and writing backwards and even upside down. Couldn’t get the hang of pqbd69 and I thought that when you got to the end of a line it was logical to go down and back along the next line the other way when reading so I had a bit of bother in general. They called in a psychologist. [They found out] I was just BRAINY. Everyone has special needs. Everyone learns a different way. The process is as important as the goal — more-so sometimes.” (Oonah grew up to become a teacher of students with special needs. eds.)

Ulster born poet Oonah Joslin is Managing Editor of e-zine Every Day Poets. She is thrice winner (and subsequent judge) of Microhorror’s coveted Hallowe’en competition, and is currently working on a collection of short stories old and new to suit every taste.


Oonah and Esme
Oonah and Esme

In what little free time she has available Oonah may be found blogging over at Parallel Oonahverse


Some of Oonah’s published work from 2012 may be found, and even purchased, in these books.

pangeaNew Sun Rising Book Covertwisted-small-225x300


Postcard Poems and Prose View All

An Intersect of Authors and Art

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  1. I really enjoyed this one. I’m also ambidextrous and had a similar penchant for writing in mirror image cursive as a kid. I would send long notes to my best friend that she would have to hold up to a mirror to read. It’s so exciting to find out there are others out there who had a similar fascination with words visually. Cheers to backward!


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