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A More Positive Outcome by David Holloway

Photo Credit - David Holloway
Photo Credit – David Holloway

David Holloway, a native of Boulder, Colorado, claims to prefer short fiction because he stands but five feet five inches tall. He has been writing flash fiction intermittently since 2011. A boxer, yogi, tattoo enthusiast, and photographer in his spare time, David is currently finishing a PhD in Japanese literature from Washington University in Saint Louis which should imply that he has no spare time at all; PhDs are hard work, they say. He has published sparsely in academic journals on topics of relative obscurity, and hopes to devote more time to writing – and perhaps even publishing – short stories in the near future. David writes and posts original flash fiction here.

Author/Artist - David Holloway
Author/Artist – David Holloway
An artist in contemplation
An artist in contemplation

Holloway bio 2


David began writing fiction because it was cheaper than therapy and more rewarding than shoe shopping. Though he enjoys writing, he doesn’t like to read all that much. Ask him what his favorite book is and he’ll say something like, “I like the idea of something by David Foster Wallace.” Be that as it may, sometimes he’ll peruse Esquire over breakfast or an Alexander McQueen fashion spread when nobody is looking because he secretly wishes he had gone into fashion design.

David finds inspiration for his stories in real life; to read them is to get to know him. He has no shame or secrets and finds that the best stories come from lived experience. In a sense, his stories hover somewhere between reality and make-believe; between what really happened and what never will. “A More Positive Outcome” is his first published work of fiction.

David’s original works of flash fiction can be found here.

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  1. My husband died a year and a half ago. This is so beautiful. How can you possibly understand something like this unless you’re losing someone you love. If you are, I’m so so SO sorry. Thank you for this, THIS is the kind of feeling about losing somebody that it’s so hard to explain. Thank you so much.


      • The editors say it better than I possibly could. I am sorry for your loss but am happy my story offered you something, as momentary as it may be. Your comments moved me to tears (I’m feeling sensitive about a lot of things these days..) and I thank you so much for them.


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