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Spinner of Truth by Bill West


Author - Bill West
Author – Bill West

As a child Bill wrote stories in a tool-shed. Eventually he was let out.
He was told at school that he had a remarkable talent but he still hasn’t worked out what they meant.

During those difficult teenage years he wrote poetry and received encouragement from poet, author and broadcaster, John Pudney. Since then he has received help and encouragement from writers and poets too many to mention.

He studied English at Hull University and was tutored by (the once) poet laureate Andrew Motion who once said of Bill`s essay on William Blake, “strangely garbled.”

Anthony Mingella, on meeting Bill in the Student Bar famously said, “Are you all right down there?”

Bill self-published a small book of poems a long time ago and likes to pretend that it never happened.
He started writing Flash Fiction in 2004 and in 2010 he started writing poetry again.

His work has appeared widely both in print and on the Internet. Since 2004 he has been Group Host to the Flash Fiction Group 1 on He is also a member of Zoetrope and the FlashFiction-W online workshop for flash fiction.

He is currently Senior Editor to The Linnet’s Wings Literary Magazine.
He lives in Shropshire UK and is a member of the Shrewsbury Scribblers.

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