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Postcard Poems and Prose – Spring Poetry Contest Winners

Poetry Contest Winners

Our Spring Poetry Contest at Postcard Poems and Prose was received well by poets from 13 different countries. So well received, in fact, that it took over two weeks to read and judge all the entries. We had wanted one clear winner from the outset. We also felt it important to judge the poems blind so that each poem would be judged for its merit rather than its author. Poems were numbered randomly and were read as such. We had no idea who the authors were until after the winner and honorable mentions were chosen. We went back to our list of random numbers and matched them to their corresponding authors. It was great fun and a great surprise. It is the same system we used for our Fiction Contest and it has worked well enough that we will use it again in the near future. ( **See below.)

Our congratulations to Oonah V. Joslin for her winning poem which will be published Thursday, April 25th. The same day she will be emailed an Amazon UK Gift Card with the PP&P Banner on it. Yay! For those who may have missed out, the guidelines and prompts can be found here.

Oonah’s Winning Entry and bio can be read in its entirety here.

Congratulations must also be extended to Maire Morrissey-Cummins and James Graham. Both poets submitted entries that caused us to lose sleep while trying to wrest out a winner. For that we felt they deserved honorable mention. Their poems will be published in the first two weeks of May.

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