Doctor Visit by JJ Toner

medication2 - JJToner

JJ Toner began writing at an age when a more sensible person would have been starting to take an interest in gardening. To date his literary efforts have earned him about $200, a weekend for two in a local hotel, and a half-ton of coal. He hopes to get something published before being fitted for his zimmer frame or before the coal runs out. A born-again Yeti, and a true flowerchild of the sixties, he still sports a James Dean haircut but with a hairline by Kojak, a J.D. Salinger frown, Ernest Hemingway eyebrows, Alan Ginsburg sideburns, and a moustache on the run from the Mexican revolution. To date, JJ has released 3 thrillers – two detective and one historical. Connect with him at his web site


The author testing the neighbor’s hearing.

JJ Toner having fun at his ‘day job’.

Many readers enjoy following and

reading the work of the author.

The published work of JJ Toner may be found here.

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