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Everlasting Prayer by Samantha Seto


Samantha Seto is a writer. She has been published in various anthologies including Ceremony, The Screech Owl, Overpass Books, Blue Hour, Soul Fountain, Ygdrasil, and Black Magnolias Journal. Since everyone inspires her in some way, she always takes to heart every word. Samantha writes lots of poetry and aspires to take beautiful photography. Samantha loves postcards and used to have a whole collection of them to share with her sister. The pictures of postcards from different places, writing them, and sending them are all so wonderful. One day, she hopes to write a novel or chapbook. Samantha also loves nature and the beauty to discover. Samantha studies creative writing. She is a third prize poet of the Whispering Prairie Press.



Samantha relaxing at her

favorite spot on the high

rocks. The beach is never

more beautiful than at sunset.


Zelda the cat loves to soak up the sun but is not a fan of early mornings

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