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Spring Poetry Contest

Entries are now closed for our Spring Poetry Contest - Winners to be announced soon.
Entries are now closed for our Spring Poetry Contest – Winners to be announced soon.

To begin, we would like to thank poets for the large response we had to our call for submissions to be included in our Spring Poetry Contest. We have only read them through once and we already know that picking a winner will be tough. There can only be one winner to receive the prize money but we are certain to have a few Honorable Mention Awards that the judging staff agrees to publish in addition to the winner.

We are excited and appreciate everyone’s patience as we relish each phrase and image in these entries. This week we feel lucky. We will tell our friends and significant others that we must read poems and simply don’t have time for anything else. We will try to appear as though we aren’t enjoying the process; we will pretend it is drudgery; we will seem overworked and fraught; that will all be a giant lie. We will be having fun and for that we owe our entrants a note of gratitude. Thanks.

In the intervening time, drop by every few days and read our regular feature submissions. We have some great poetry, fiction, and art slated for the next couple weeks. You may smile. You may gasp. You may cry. Don’t miss our authors’ bios. Sip a bit of tea or coffee as you take in some of the quirky bits they send us.

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