Breaking Free by Francis Guenette

Honorable Mention PlacardBreaking Free by Francis Guenette

Francis Guenette Headshot
Francis Guenette has spent most of her life on the west coast of British Columbia. She lives with her husband and dog and finds inspiration for writing in the beauty and drama of their lakeshore cabin and garden. She has a Master of Arts degree in Counselling Psychology and has worked as an educator, trauma counsellor and researcher. This is her first novel. Please visit her blog, to learn more.

Francis Cabin

Francis lives in a small, off-the-grid cabin in a remote location, on a lake, with her husband, Bruce and their elderly dog, Lawson. Can anyone imagine a better setting for a writer? She can’t. They have an alternate power system for their home – a combination of micro-hydro and solar electric panels. Francis writes with a panoramic view of the lake every, single day.


Most days between May and September, Billy Bob the Bear drops over to graze on the green cover (they don’t have the nerve to call it grass) and eat huckleberries and salal berries. Life is good there in the hinterlands.

11 thoughts on “Breaking Free by Francis Guenette

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  2. I love this. A good, solid piece of prose that the reader can get her (or his) teeth into. Love Billy-Bob, the bear.

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