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Shallow Kingdom by Lynn Kennison

March Winner Cartouche

Shallow Kingdom

Lynn Kennison leads a quiet life in Florida with three clever dogs and a damn sexy husband. She used to have a cat, but neither dogs nor Damn Sexy are breaking their silence. Kennison is an amateur photographer by day and unpaid fiction writer by night. Some of her works can be found in Bartleby Snopes, Eclectic Flash, Boston Literary Magazine, Quail Bell and The Fine Line. Her favorite ramen noodle flavor is Oriental, and her favorite cakepop color is pink with white sprinkles. Recently, she learned how to play Battleship. Her nephew’s winning streak still stands. He’s four….but turning five soon!

The Author and Maximilian on Book Patrol
The Author and Maximilian on Book Patrol

Gator - May Heaven be full of hedgehogs.
Gator – May Heaven be full of hedgehogs.

Me and MaxLynn and her guy Maximilian – he dressed up for the occasion. When he’s not wearing a tie, he loves to swim with the ducks, or at them, and guard us from the squirrels. He is highly motivated by the sound of the refrigerator door opening and is laser pointer friendly.

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