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Alter Ego by Sharon Holiner

Alter Ego by Sharon Holiner
Alter Ego by Sharon Holiner

“Maybe you’ve seen that other version of her, the quiet one. Shy and small, but the curve
of her lips hint at this smile. She holds it pressed between her lips until the night.

Then shadows fold around her and the cries in the distance draw her closer. The truth is
that she is only real in these moments, when the darkness shivers on her skin and the suffering
can be saved. The quiet version lives for the secret hours of the night when she can be their savior.”

Sharon Holiner Self Portrait
Sharon Holiner Self Portrait

Sharon Holiner studies literature, languages, and studio art in New York. This is her first published work. She spends her time reading, writing, drawing, and painting. (She also sings, but badly.) Someday she will write and draw graphic novels.

Sharon may be found blogging here at AlltheInBetween. She guarantees it’s a worthwhile visit.

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