Untitled by Oonah Joslin

Untitled by Oonah Joslin

Untitled by Oonah Joslin

Ulster born poet Oonah is Managing Editor of e-zine Every Day Poets. She is thrice winner (and subsequent judge) of Microhorror’s coveted Hallowe’en competition, and is currently working on a collection of short stories old and new to suit every taste.


And she was such a pretty, innocent looking child…

Oonah and Kathleen... Editors at Every Day Poets

Oonah and Kathleen… Editors at Every Day Poets

Parallel Oonahverse

Parallel Oonahverse

In what little free time she has available Oonah may be found blogging over at Parallel Oonahverse

Oonah Joslin’s Print Publications In 2012:
The Best of Every Day Poets Two Anthology
The Linnet’s Wings
Pangea: An Anthology of Stories from Around the Globe
New Sun Rising: Stories for Japan
Twisted Tales
Oonah’s Awesome Blog: http://oovj.wordpress.com/

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