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Oarsmen by Bruce Louis Dodson

Oarsmen by Bruce Louis Dodson
Oarsmen by Bruce Louis Dodson
Bruce - After his return from India
Bruce – After his return from India

Inspired by Postcard From Benares India


Creaking oarlocks take us out
Into the pale fog mist
This holy river . . . Ganges

Ancient oarsman rowing
Slowly . . . without effort
Drifting with the current
Muddy vein of life
Mother of the world.

Great cities come and go along her shore
He says
Their mighty temples rise up over centuries
Adoring God
Then fall to earth again
Forsaken by him

Put your faith into the water
The old man advises
Learn to swim.

Bruce Louis Dodson writes fiction and poetry in Seattle, Washington. His 2012 publications have appeared in The Applicant, Contemporary Literature Review-India, Blue Collar Review, and Foliate Oak. He also won the following award for fiction and placed work in an anthology:
The Crucible – (Barton College – First Prize Fiction)
Sleeping Cat Books –(Trip of a Lifetime – Anthology)

Bruce writes a “Must Read” blog HERE. Visitors discover awesome photos intermingled with fiction and poetry.



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