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This is the first episode of a booklet I wrote. Each episode is fifty words or less and is a stand-alone story. All seven episodes were previously published at Thoughts from Studio and Beyond and may be read in its entirety there.

Dave Morehouse writes music, poetry, and short fiction. He can be found playing fiddle and concertina by Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula where the neighbors and fish are apathetically considerate. He has poems published in EveryDayPoets, Crack the Spine, Postcard Shorts, and an inspirational book – Psalter for the 21st Century. His fiction may be found in the blogosphere.

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4 thoughts on “Flight Leave a comment

  1. Yes but why write scary stuff? I’m keeping my eyes shut as I type this. (Hope you’ve barricaded the door.)


  2. aloha Dave – cool story. i like the idea of being both a stand-alone work and part of a greater whole both.

    i write 55 word short stories at times—this format has been around for some time. i know there are many different word count formats however i’m still curious how your number (50) came about?

    thank you. aloha – rick


    • I felt 50 was the minimum word count in which to be able to tell a complete story. It was an arbitrary choice on my part but it served its purpose. My fiction had become ‘wordy’ and this series helped me get back to where I belong as a writer. Thanks for asking. Dave


  3. cool. thank you. i’ve played with variations on the 55ss—for example one sentence stories. and so on. i learned about 2 word poetry years ago but found it elusive for me altho i played with it for a while. then there are the American Sentences of Allen Ginsberg which i like too. these are fun forms to explore. thanks for your response. aloha.


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